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Thank you for having purchased this TRIARROWS watch. Please fill in your name, email and product reference no. on the Contact Us Form and you can enjoy our 24-month warranty service. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of TRIARROWS Watch Warranty Service for more details, procedures and regulations of our warranty service.

Procedure and Regulations of Our Warranty Service

If your TRIARROWS watch needs servicing, Please fill in your name, email, damage reason and product reference no. on the Contact Us Form to create a new repair request. If you have not already completed the Product Registration process, you will need to complete it in order to complete our online Contact Us Form. Once submitted, our customer service team will contact you shortly, and after communicating with our service team, you can choose to send your TRIARROWS watch by mail or directly go to the TRIARROWS office. Once received in our facility, you will be able to check the progress of your repair and will receive e-mail updates once repairs are completed. The entire process requires about a month.

In case of mail delivery, please pack your watch carefully. Use packing materials for protective packaging (to avoid damage caused by accidental collisions), put the watch in a hard packing box sealed with adhesive tape.

To ensure that you can enjoy a full 24-month warranty service, please send the watch together with a paper box within the period of validity.

It is recommended that you send your watch by a registered carrier to facilitate our timely inspection of the delivery.

In most cases, problems with your watch in the first year will be covered by the terms of the Cousin Corporation limited warranty. You will not have to pay for repairs to your watch that are covered by the warranty. However, you must pay a certain amount of money to cover postage and handling as specified in the warranty.

Never include a special watchband or any other article of personal value in your shipment. Please note that we may substitute a watch of equal value or similar appearance for yours on both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs

Each watch sent to your Official TRIARROWS Service Centre is examined by a master watchmaker. A series of tests are carried out and a detailed cost estimate is prepared (if needed), which is sent to you before any work is done. Once you have accepted the cost estimate, our master watchmakers will carry out all the necessary procedures, including the replacement of all worn or defective components. After each service, your watch will be returned to you with a one-year warranty on the work carried out.

Warranty Coverage

The limited warranty does not cover the strap, case, crystals or batteries, or any damage to the case or movement caused by moisture that might have entered the watch as a result of improper handling, for example: moisture damage sufficient to affect the proper functions of the watch, damage to the case or visible cracking of the crystal, nor does it apply, on a more general basis, if there is evidence of misuse or abuse.


TRIARROWS reserves the right to charge you for a replacement battery if the battery in your watch is depleted. No additional charge will be made unless the two-year warranty has expired or servicing is necessary for reasons beyond our control, in which case a moderate charge will be incurred.

This warranty replaces any warranties implied by the local laws of certain countries, including the implied warranty of merchantability, which are disclaimed. The local laws of certain countries may not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights under local laws which vary from country to country.

Protective Membrane

To prevent scratching of the glass on the face of the watch, it is recommended to attach the protective membrane to the glass, back, and metal clasp. Please ensure that the protective membrane is removed prior to wearing the watch. If the protective membrane is not removed, sweat and water may permeate through the membrane causing possible skin allergies and metal corrosion.

Adjusting the Length of the Watch Band

To prevent the loss of battery capacity, you must use the stop-second system to lock the watch crown. Before use, please remove the stop-second system and follow the steps to adjust the time.

The Watch Crown

To prevent the loss of battery capacity, you must use the stop-second system to lock the watch crown. Before using, please take out the stop-second system and follow the steps to adjust the time.

Set the Time

When the second hand is situated at “0”, pull out the crown.

Pull the watch crown outside of a small section, turn it and set the time.

Please refer to the standard time, and set the time according to the watch crown.

If you must turn the watch crown, please ensure it is locked tightly; otherwise water will permeate the watch components.

Avoidance Of Injury

When holding an infant or performing strenuous exercises, please be careful to avoid injury.

If you enter a very hot place (such as a sauna or steam bath) that will cause your watch’s temperature to rise, please remove the watch to avoid damaging or breaking the watch. Please be careful when wearing or removing this watch, as the lock of the watch band may cause injury to the skin or fingernails.

Waterproof Function

This watch only uses a daily waterproof function. This watch can be washed or worn in the rain, but it should not be worn underwater.

Note the following:

When wearing this watch, please fully push in the watch crown (correct place: “0”) to ensure that the watch is waterproof.

When your watch is wet, please do not operate the watch crown or other accessories. Mist will permeate inside the watch, leading the inside components to become rusty and possibly damaged.

If mist has permeated inside the watch or glass, it cannot be removed within a day. Please contact the Customer Service Centre for instructions on how to proceed and maintain the watch.

If seawater permeates inside the watch, please put the watch into a box or plastic immediately. This will help prevent the pressure of the watch from rising and damage to the components.

Precautions: About Temperature

Outside temperatures ranging from -10 C and +60 C may lead to malfunctions. Please avoid use in extreme temperatures.

Precautions: Static Electricity and Magnetism

The quartz in the watch’s needles may be easily affected by static electricity and magnetism, which may cause the watch to display the incorrect time. Please do not place your watch on the top of magnetic material.

Precautions: Collisions

Please avoid impact or pressure on the watch (such as dropping it on the ground or putting weight on the watch).

Precautions: Luminosity of the Watch

The watch dial and needle have luminous paint which makes it easier to see the time in dim lighting.

The luminous paint stores both natural and artificial light.

As time passes, the luminous paint’s ability to store light will gradually decrease. The shine time and strength may vary based on the brightness, distance, or shine time of the light source.

If the user has skin allergies or other specific physical problems, wearing the watch may lead to skin irritation or a skin rash. If you experience irritation, please stop wearing this watch immediately and seek appropriate medical attention from a hospital or dermatologist.

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